About association

The mission of the Swedish Nutritionist Association is to promote nutritionists in their professional life and to facilitate networks among members. We advocate topics that strengthen nutritionists’ professional positions and organize lectures, seminars, and social events for our members.

The association was formed in 1983 as a non-profit association for nutritionists with a university degree in nutrition. Since 2010, the Swedish Nutritionist Association has been a professional association within the union Naturvetarna. Membership costs SEK 120/year and presupposes that you are a member of Naturvetarna. The fee is paid in connection with the membership fee for Naturvetarna. Students in nutrition are also welcome as members.

About the board

The association’s members appoint the board’s elected representatives at the annual meeting. The board works to lead the association’s activities forward and ensure that the association’s business plan and goals are met.

Board 2024

Thomas Roosdorp

Michelle Rydow
Second Chairperson

Liza Sych

Dionisia Palmstedt
Board Member

Elin Palm

Anna-Lena Kleinert
Board Member

Tuva Nikolausson
Board Member

Erica Belestam Vikman
Board Member

Cory Rupert
Board Member

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